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Kinky Bath and Body Products

Fulfill Your Wildest Bath Desire

You have long been yearning to try out something new with your lover. What fantasies would you like? We have the products to get you revved up and ready, on the path to fulfilling your wildest desires. We have in stock a variety of oils, pheromone spray, and fragrances to enhance your bath and bedroom needs. Massage oils for that intimate touch to colognes that invigorate your wild side.
After a hard day’s work, a hot sensual bath would be nice and relaxing wouldn’t it? Definitely! Add in some of our star performance bath oils and bath salts, and you will get yourself a lovely and fragrant bath that takes you on a sensual journey. Share this experience with your lover and your evening is set to only get better.

You can add in some sparkle to your sexy bath time with our wide variety of bathing salts. These are aphrodisiac and remarkably blended with sassy scents. These are designed to specifically get you in an immensely sexual mood. These are made to not only get you pumped up but to also smooth out your skin – mostly in preparation for the touching and caressing bound to happen afterward.
Now that you are all done in the shower, it is time to grab some of our lotions. These smooth out your body to a perfect feel, and no one will resist keeping their hands on you. It is more sensual when you and your lover apply some on each other. The various available sweet scents of nectar, chocolate, cinnamon and Fruitopia blends are bound to take you to utopia. These can be experimented on solo steamy sessions and leave an impeccable mark to be desired over and over.

Visit our online store to shop and get these and more sensually tantalizing products. There is definitely something for you to get your groove on tonight. Cheers to a night of love and sensuality.