• How to Go to an Adult Store Alone and Feel Good About it

    To the sex positive community, walking into an adult store is no different than walking into the supermarket. But to many curious individuals, the mere thought of it can bring about feelings of anxiety and embarrassment. Visiting a sex shop will be anything but a shameful experience when you understand the basic etiquette and follow […]

  • Dorr Spot Wireless Egg Vibrator

    10 Ways to Achieve Total Bliss from an Egg Vibrator

    Are you new to vibrators or do you simply want to take your self-care game to new heights? Try an egg vibrator! Your friends at Caliente Adult Superstore have 10 tips to share for achieving total bliss during your next romp—solo or otherwise. Read on! 1. Use an egg vibe during sex for hands free […]

  • realistic dildo

    Creating the Ultimate Solo Session with a Realistic Dildo

    Long gone is the stereotype that all women need candles and a bubble bath to properly set the scene for masturbation. When you need to get off, using a realistic dildo is a simple, no-nonsense approach. They’re especially great for when your man’s not around or you simply want to switch it up from the […]

  • Exercises for a Better Sex Life

    No one can refute the health benefits of eating well and exercising. But there’s nothing wrong with using a little vanity as a motivator either. To look better naked and have better sex, try the following workouts next time you’re at home or in the gym. Core Work With a strong core, you won’t be […]

  • silk rope

    Shibari Bondage for Beginners

    When fuzzy handcuffs are no longer exciting, it may be time to take power play to the next level with rope bondage, otherwise known as Shibari. It doesn’t take long to learn the basics of bondage rope. You don’t need to be an Eagle Scout and know hundreds of knots, either. Just take it one step at […]

  • dildo

    What is a Dildo?

    Gone are the days of hiding your sex toys and feeling anxious at the thought of breaching the topic with your partner. The truth is, dildos are now commonplace in the bedroom and have little to do with the notion of lonely women or sex-crazed lovers. Anyone can appreciate a fake cock as they come […]

  • strap on

    Best Strap-ons to Please Your Partner

    Want to be a better lover? Good on you! Putting your partner’s sexual satisfaction above your own often results in better sex for both of you since your partner will likely (hopefully) reciprocate the sentiment. There are many ways to satisfy your partner, but a strap-on is arguably one of the best. Ditch the notion […]