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Use Lubricant for Smoother Sex

We all want our sexual experiences to be powerful and explosive. We purchase sex toys, sexy outfits, and prophylactics so we can have the best experience with our partner. One aspect of sexual intercourse that is often overlooked is lubrication. Some couples do not even think about lubrication until they are mid-intercourse. Suddenly, you and your partner are left with irritation and sexual frustration.

There are many things that can contribute to lack of wetness (stress, prescribed and over-the-counter medication and birth control pills, to name a few). Purchasing lubrication can add to your wetness, making sex with your partner more enjoyable.

There are four types of lube that are available for purchase:

Water based lubricants

Water based lubricants are the safest lubes that you can find (aside from your own wetness). These lubes are not damaging to condoms and they are easier to flush out of the body, as opposed to oils.

Silicone based lubricants

These lubricants do not contain any water, and the ingredients are limited to four or less. This lubricant lasts much longer than water based lubricants and is recommended for anal sex.

Flavor based lubricants

Flavor based lubes offer more than one use to them. While it is a great lubricant during sex, it is also a great tasting lubricant that you can add to your collection. These lubricants are great during oral sex.

Stimulation based lubrication

Perhaps the most enjoyable out of all lubrication that is available, stimulation based lubricants allow your partner to tease you uncontrollably. These lubes contain warming and tingling sensations that add more fuel to your sexual fire.

Not only does lubricant spice up the sex life you have with your partner, if you are looking for some alone time, lubricant can be used with your favorite toy. When it comes to sex toys, it is recommended that you do not use silicone based lubricant. Silicone based lubricant can wear down the surface of your toy and make it sticky. The wearing down of your sex toy can also cause bacteria to build (and you certainly do not want that).

Do not let lack of wetness destroy your sex life. Pick up some lubricant at Caliente.