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Sex Toys for Couples

Everyone needs to have a little fun sometimes and that includes couples! You know what they say about the couples that play together, right? They stay together! Caliente Adult Superstore has some of the best adult toys for couples and here’s just a small sampling of our large collection.

Scarlet Bondage Kit Red/Black

Fun for both partners, this particular bondage kit will bring plenty of spice and excitement into the bedroom! This kit includes two satin restraints, a flogger, blindfold and a feather tickler to bring hours of lustful bliss to your partner. Create new and wonderful fantasies together, or blindfold her and make her guess what’s next. No matter how you use this particular kit, pleasure is the name of the game.Scarlet Bondage Kit

Remote Control Panty with 10 functions

Guys drive your wife or girlfriend crazy when you ask her to slip into this cute panty only you know the secret to! Use the discreet remote control to see her lose control just about anywhere! Take her to her favorite restaurant and see if she can make it through dinner while wearing this beautiful black panty and that little black dress you know you love.Remote Control 10-Function Little Black Panty

New Tongue Joy 3 Way Vibrating Ring

Ladies you know when you are getting the right vibe from your man, but sometimes it is good to remind him that he can have some good vibrations, too! With this vibrating cock ring there is no doubt he will have a great time. These toys are simple to use and can be fun for both partners. Enjoy three different settings which will show you both what The Beach Boys really meant by “Good Vibrations.”New Tongue Joy 3 Way Vibrating Ring

Games for Lovers

While Caliente carries plenty of toys, we don’t skimp on the games for couples. Playing games allows partners to share a different part of themselves every time they play. Board games, dice games, card games, we’ve got endless possibilities for you and your lover.